About Company

MG SERVISS is a company operating in manufacturing, trade and purchase of wide range of  wooden pallets 1st and 2nd choice, as well as purchasing of pallet timber for own production needs.

MG SERVISS has been operating in production and trade of wooden pallets since 1994 and the founders of the company and its team have expertise in the field, specifically we have been doing the business in Western European countries.

We offer a wide range of standard pallets, including one-way pallets 600x800 mm, 800x1200 mm, 1000x1200 mm, CP- pallets and other types of pallets.

Pallets can also be made to order in sizes, of material and quality as required by customers.

Customers can order heat treatment of pallets in accordance with ISPM-15 standard.

We sell pallets both from the production site or they can be delivered to any European country to the indicated customer destination.

Shipments of pallets are made by trucks with cargo capacity of 92m3 and 120m3.



We manufacture, purchase and sell pallets in 1st and 2nd choice:

  • CP-1/ CP-2/ CP-3

  • 600x800 mm (15-17 mm material)

  • 800x1200 mm (15-17 mm material)

  • 1000x1200 mm (15-17 mm material)

  • 1200x1200 mm (15-17 mm material)

  • pallets to specific customer order

  • all pallets can be produced with durable composite pallet blocks

We purchase wooden materials for own production in 1st und 2nd choice:

  • 17 x 78 x 1200 mm

  • 17 x 98 x 1200 mm

  • 17 x 133 x 1200 mm

  • 21 x 98 x 800/1000 mm

  • 78 x 78 x 1200/2400 mm




37A-42 Raina Street, Madona, LV-4801 Latvia

Office and factory:

2 Raina Street, Sauleskalns, Berzaunes pagasts, Madonas novads, LV-4853 Latvia

Phone: +371 29129019 (Whatsapp /Telegram)

Internet: www.mgserviss.lv

E-Mail: info [at] mgserviss.lv



Bank details

VAT reg. number: LV45403023453

Bank: AS Swedbank

Swift: HABALV22

IBAN: LV74HABA0551024733006